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About Us

- Robin Smith, Author -

Robin Smith lives with her husband and two children in Northwest Arkansas. Her first board book was inspired by her baby daughter and has finally become a reality twelve years later. She hopes her books will bring loving words, smiles, and cherished moments to families everywhere. 


Nicole Monahan creates whimsical Illustrations in her magical creekside studio among the ferns and frogs in the Pacific Northwest. Her faithful sidekick always nearby, ready for a tummy scratch and a walk in the woods.  For Nicole, this lifelong journey with art began in childhood, where she spent countless hours pouring over children’s books in her mother’s book store and even more hours outside exploring the bugs, plants and critters she came across. She would often draw fun characters in detailed nature settings. From painting a mural on the wall of her childhood home, to building in her father’s workshop, Nicole’s parents fostered her love of creativity and today, Nicole enjoys helping others find their inspiration and creative voice.  

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